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In a sea of sameness, we dare to be BOLD. Our photos & films are different from what you'd typically see in the wedding industry. Inspired by travel, fashion, cinema, and genuine human connection, we strive to create art that is passionate, unique, and completely captures the energy of the day.

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kayla + sam

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kayla + sam


featured photos

kayla + sam

ayla + jake

kayla + sam


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At Nomadic Wedding Films, we understand that every couple has a unique story to tell. Our approach is to blend the natural splendor of your wedding destination with the intimate, candid moments that make your relationship one-of-a-kind. We are committed to delivering a film that goes beyond simple "documentation". Through expert cinematography, discerning composition, and an infectious energy, we create films that transcend the traditional and outdated.

With an unwavering focus on quality and creativity, Nomadic Wedding Films ensures that your wedding memories are captured in a way that is both breathtaking and authentic. Sound like exactly what you are looking for?  Inquire today about creating together this season.

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sami + tyler

"No words can truly describe our experience! Chris did such an amazing job of capturing the big and small moments and the way he put everything together is beyond spectacular. The video exceeded our wildest expectations. We get compliments all the time on it!"

"The Video exceeded our wildest expectations. we get compliments all the time on it!"

"i've watched the video like 100 times and it never ceases to amaze me."

"No joke, I've watched the video like 100 times and it never ceases to amaze me. I seriously can't believe it's us! Chris captured us in a way that felt organic and we felt completely comfortable the whole time. It was like being filmed by a really good friend! And the final product is just *chef's kiss* Thank you thank you thank you!

Leighanna + patrick


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